The Computer Society of India is a non-profit professional meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas.It was started on 6 March 1965 by a few computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals. It has 72 chapters across India, 511 student branches, and more than 100,000 members.
The Chapter organises monthly meeting, technical workshops and seminars, and also organises various technical events.
  • To be a part of a group of Computer & IT Engineers who work together and share knowledge and new innovative ideas.
  • It helps in an individuals Professional Development.
  • It helps in gaining Certification and Training in technical courses.
  • It gives opportunity to the students to participate in competitions.
  • Since CSI focuses on IT and Computer Department many people often think that CSI organizes only Technical workshops or seminars. However , that’s not true.
  • CSI conducts both technical as well as non- technical events like Mendi Competition , Django workshop, workshop on IOT(Internet Of Things), Fund Raising Events, Charity Event for Orphanage kids, etc.
Yes, of course! Being a member or a part of Core Committee adds up to one’s resume. Extra Curricular activities are an essential part of an individual’s resume, and being a part of CSI committee gives an individual an opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities which helps to improve one’s Resume.